A solution that combines client KYC with portfolio analysis to visually assess portfolio suitability in real time.

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PortfolioINSIGHTS enables advisors to instantly assess the suitability of portfolios through the "Suitability" Tab. In one snapshot, advisors and compliance officers can see if the Portfolio is off-side and if so, by how much and what is required to bring the portfolio back into line.

How PortfolioINSIGHTS benefits users:

  • Removing the time and effort required to assess the suitability of a portfolio
  • Providing the oversight their clients need to properly monitor the portfolio
  • Protect investors from the perils of taking on too much (or too little) risk.
  • Quickly showing advisors the adjustments required to ensure the portfolio is suitable moving forward.

Clients think this information is spectacular. They often say “wow you go to a great deal of effort to prepare these detailed reports and show me how everything works”.
John Leroux, Investia Financial Services

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