"One truth discovered is immortal, and entitles its author to be so: for, like a new substance in nature, it cannot be destroyed." - Jeremy Bentham (1748 - 1832)

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The name "UNIVERIS" is derived from two latin words: UNA VERITAS, or ONE TRUTH. Enterprise Architecture is central to our solution and a unified experience around one point of data, or point of truth, is at the core of our design. Our unified platform means that our clients do not encounter the "integration tribulation" common to so many enterprise systems.

Our unified platform enables IT managers to:

  • Provide all enterprise users with a 360-degree view of the customer.
  • Enable different business units to operate in a modular fashion so that business knowledge can be captured and transferred between team members.
  • Drive down costs through a multi-tenant platform that services the entire enterprise.


To learn more, watch Jeanne Ross (MIT Center for Information Systems Research) speak on Enterprise Architecture

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