Back Office Modules

Fully-automated back office modules offer a pre-scheduled and hands-free operation to your wealth management firm.
  • Through XPRESSuite™ (including AccountXPRESS™ and OrderXPRESS™) our enterprise system ensures that transactions are processed electronically and mostly at point-of-sale – dramatically reducing operational overheads.
  • Through StatementXPRESS™ and CONNECT™, statements can be customized, created and electronically distributed on one system.
  • Statements generated on Univeris get to investors more quickly and at a substantially lower cost.
  • Fee-for-Service Module – a compensation method where advisors directly charge their client for managing their investments.
  • Nominee Platform – enables all assets to be held at the dealer – resulting in a more cohesive, consolidated experience for the investor.
  • Portfolio Model Rebalancing – seamlessly integrates into the Univeris platform and is designed to help advisors more effectively manage client portfolios by automatically rebalancing an investor’s portfolio – across multiple mutual fund companies – to a target asset allocation.
  • XPRESSNetwork™ – enables mutual fund company forms to be configured directly onto dealer platforms and available to all advisors.
  • Trading – Univeris supports the trading—including execution, clearance, and settlement—of various financial instruments.