Corporate Responsibilities

CSR Practices

Univeris Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is supported by a complete CSR program covering environmental sustainability as well as active contributions to the community. Also, as part of its product design, Univeris integrates features to minimize the use of paper in order to enable our clients to minimize their carbon footprint and comply better with their regulatory and voluntary CSR practices.

Current CSR Program

As part of its current program, Univeris implements a combination of environmental and social activities supported by policies and best practices. From an environmental protection point of view, Univeris employs paper recycling and paper usage awareness principles to minimize its carbon footprint and other environmental impacts.

As it relates to social topics, Univeris contributes the community through Corporate Philanthropy; Univeris regularly donates funds to local charities and community associations, and encourages associates to be active members of the community. Also, Univeris’ employees volunteer time in support to various causes. Ethics and human rights are also part of Univeris’ enforced practices, such as Employment Equity policy and respect for all Human Rights.

What’s Next

Univeris intends to continue its current CSR program, promote a sustainable business model, and improve its CSR results in the coming years by:

  • Enhancing its product line to enable a paperless operation
  • Offsetting our carbon footprint
  • Complying and exceeding all environmental regulatory requirements
  • Tooling our CSR program for better measures and controls