Investor engagement

Take advantage of wealth management technology designed specifically to enhance investor engagement

Univeris understands the combination of brand and technology, and how the customer experience can drive the growth of business.

In a recent study on current wealth management technology trends, over two-in-five wealth management executives cited improving customer retention was their top priority. Univeris then probed on specific advancements executives wanted to improve on to improve customer retention; one-in-five cited self-service investment management options, and another one-in-five cited improved internet-based collaboration and communication.

Investor Engagement with Self-Service Investment Management Options

Robo-advisor technology has come a long way in the last few years. And subsequently, investors are starting to seek out self-service wealth management providers and other more advanced services to manage their portfolios. To stay competitive, wealth management firms need to invest in robo-advisor technology to keep up with customer demand and the competitive landscape. However, it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach, and it certainly doesn’t have to be advisor vs. robo.

Automated Investing Services offer multiple automated investment services tools to offer a multi-channel investor experience, and gives customers a hybrid approach for investors that want best of both worlds – the ability to be more self-servicing while also having the services of an advisor at hand. These same services allow for people to select and manage investments online with the support of allocation algorithms. These algorithms are useful in the entire decision-making process for investors; they assist in categorizing data it receives, which can speed up processes and the formulation of decisions.

Enhancing Investor Engagement Using Internet-Based Collaboration  

Wealth management firms should have a clear focus on delivering a great investor experience. Having an easily accessible portal where investors and advisors can collaborate and communicate is key. Collaboration keeps investors engaged; it enables investors to track their financial progress and allows them to easily connect with their advisor. These same tools should offer quicker and more convenient communication that is optimized for use in a variety of browser environments and be device agnostic.

As a natural extension, goal-based investing also provides wealth management firms with a platform investors and advisors for collaboration, where investors can set specific financial objectives and gamifying achievements. Goal-based investing delivers a tailored experience that investors can relate to through customization and personalized content. Investors are ultimately more motivated and more inclined to achieve their goals through the use of these tools that assist in goal tracking and predictions.

Univeris understands the importance of using technology to enhance the investor experience and improve investor engagement. Univeris strives to provide wealth management firms with self-service investment management options, a platform that improves collaboration and communication, and software aimed at helping investors achieve their financial goals.

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