Toronto – July 11, 2019 – NEO Connect and Univeris are proud to announce that PEAK Investment Services, part of PEAK Financial Group (“PEAK”), has become the first mutual fund dealer to offer its advisors direct access to Platform Traded Funds (PTFs). PTFs are distributed on NEO Connect, Canada’s novel fund distribution platform. Univeris enabled the integration to NEO Connect for mutual fund advisors by facilitating a partnership with CIBC World Markets to act as the market access provider on behalf of PEAK Investment Services.

PEAK also became the first dealer in Canada to offer all its advisors an integrated solution with access to PTFs. Their network reaches 1,500 independent advisors, professionals and employees serving more than 150,000 clients and representing over $10 billion in assets under administration.

“The most efficient way to transact mutual funds at the lowest cost has been inaccessible to a large segment of the financial advisor community and their client investors – until now. The partnership between NEO Connect and Univeris is a real game changer for the asset management industry in Canada and we are proud to partner with PEAK to launch this new offering. This is a win for the advisors, a win for their dealers and, ultimately, a win for their investing clients,” said Jos Schmitt, President and CEO, NEO Connect. “This expansion to the mutual fund dealer community opens up access to advisors administrating a significant amount of investible assets who can now consider investment opportunities in NEO Connect distributed funds. We continue to level the playing field for all investors and all their advisors across Canada.”

NEO Connect allows fund manufacturers to offer funds at a cost lower than Series F funds, while giving dealers and their advisors unprecedented access to these funds. By integrating NEO Connect with the Univeris wealth management platform, all advisors within the PEAK network can now benefit from the advantages that come with prospectus mutual funds and private funds distributed through NEO Connect.

“We are proud to pioneer an integrated solution for PTFs in the mutual fund community in Canada,” said Robert Frances, Chairman & CEO, PEAK Financial Group. “We believe that providing advisors with an extensive offering of investment opportunities will contribute to create successful financial strategies for their clients. It is crucial for Advisors to be well-equipped to better serve their clients and overcome the challenges of a changing and highly competitive industry. PEAK is committed to providing advisors with a large offering and technologies to ensure them a bright future.”

“We understand that enabling process efficiencies, improving customer retention and simplifying the investment process are the top priorities of the mutual fund community, and we are very pleased that our partnership with NEO Connect will help us to further deliver on this,” said Carmine Tullio, President and CEO, Univeris. “Univeris is a world-class technology platform that boasts a number of firsts in Canadian mutual fund distribution and we are proud to be part of yet another one with PEAK.”

NEO Connect currently distributes close to 70 PTFs from seven fund providers, which include both prospectus mutual funds and offering memorandum funds. Click here to view the full fund directory. NEO Connect has experienced rapid growth within the fee-based investment advisory community since its launch in 2016, which has allowed fund providers to raise nearly $1billion in assets to date.

About NEO Connect

NEO Connect is Canada’s new and novel fund distribution platform launched in May 2016 within the Aequitas Innovations Inc. group of companies. NEO Connect is a complementary offering to the NEO Exchange, Canada’s next generation stock exchange that puts the needs of investors, businesses looking to raise capital and dealers first. NEO Connect is available to all IIROC dealers at no cost and streamlines the fund purchase and redemption process, making it easier and more cost-effective for advisors to transact and asset managers to distribute their products. An initial test trade can be organized and executed within 24 hours. To arrange a test or learn more, contact the NEO investor helpline toll-free at 1-844-567-6424 or visit:

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About Univeris

Univeris is a leading provider of enterprise retail wealth management software. Univeris offers comprehensive solutions that automate processes, compliance, reporting and many other key aspects required for delivering superior investor and advisor services. Our unified, digital platform enables investors and advisors to manage many types of investment products on one system. You can learn more about Univeris at and on our social pages: Twitter || LinkedIn

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