Credit Unions

Credit Unions

Credit Unions pride themselves on delivering great customer service and strong member loyalty. In a wealth management context, associates need to deliver advice while efficiently processing complex transactions. Multiple associates must be able to service members simultaneously, in an efficient, professional and consistent manner.

Univeris is the leading solution provider for Credit Unions in Canada, offering an Enterprise Wealth Management System that serves Credit Unions through an enterprise, web-based platform that is accessible to all associates from either inside or outside the branch.

Built for teamwork, the system allows any associate to view a member’s account and access any work-in-progress items created by their coworkers. Advisors and associates enter transactions and the system immediately determines what information is needed, creating a quick, error-free and accurate transaction – every time.

How Univeris Supports Credit Unions

  • Industry-leading Account Opening and Order Entry Solution called XPRESSuite™.
  • Real-time analysis engine, PortfolioINSIGHTS®, enables advisors to provide clear and comprehensive answers to their member’s investment questions.
  • PortfolioINSIGHTS® makes it easy for advisors to prepare for client meetings. Generate personalized and professionally formatted portfolio reports in just a few clicks.
  • Investor access, eDelivery and collaboration through WebCONNECT™, our investor portal that is optimized for all major browser and device configurations.
  • SaaS through our Univeris FLEX offering.
  • Configurable permissions and control switches that manage individual advisors, assistants, teams and branches to service different client segments.
  • Service-oriented architecture enabling integration to banking systems and virtual bank front-end solutions.