MGAs manage insurance broker activities such as licensing, policy applications, campaigns and commissions. Improving the efficiency of these activities is critical to success.

With Univeris, MGAs enjoy lower costs through fewer systems and superior enterprise integration for MGAs affiliated with large financial institutions.

The Insurance module is integrated into the platform to enable advisors and administrators to have a consistent experience whether they are dealing with segregated funds or insurance policies. The system enables efficient processing of insurance policies and record-keeping for advisors and head office staff. Univeris is a compliance leader and supports MGAs with frequent enhancements required to remain onside with regulators.

How Univeris Supports MGAs

  • Remaining on top of developing compliance requirements and enhancing the system to address these requirements.
  • Real-time tracking of policy applications and collaboration, creating faster processing, fewer errors and less uncertainty.
  • Business intelligence enabling brokers and sales managers to understand production versus target, activity and cost to serve.
  • Tracking licensing and carrier code information.
  • Email collaboration that draws users back to the system for updates and outstanding tasks.
  • Electronic paramedical and carrier feeds enabling more efficient paramedical requests and better reporting.