Robo-Advisor Technology

Recent trends in the marketplace result in stronger money flows going to discount and Robo-Advisor solutions. Robo-Advisor technologies typically address the needs of the Internet investors and complement well the offer of more traditional financial advisors.

Univeris offered its first investor public Internet solution in 1999. Since then, a continuous evolution enabled some of our clients to offer very successful robo-advisor, hybrid and full-service solutions to the marketplace. Model-portfolios, rebalancing and easy client onboarding are the core of our platform.

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How Univeris Supports Robo-Advice

  • We offer a full stack with APIs that enable firms to operate back-office and front-office with a special focus on cost-effectiveness and compliance.
  • We enable all the functions required to execute end-to-end in a digital world: From client onboarding to delivery of compliant and elegant financial statements and tax receipts.
  • We understand the ultimate combination of brand and technology, and how the investor experience and customer experience drives the growth of your business.
  • Last but not least, we work hard on constantly re-evaluating the value of advice.

Robo-Advisor Whitepaper

Abstract: Recent entrants in the field of retail wealth management showcase the rise of the Robo-Advice concept. The Robo-Advice solutions are currently aiming at servicing a specific demographic with new technologies through an Online User Experience. This essay analyses the foundation of the Robo-Advice / Robo-Advisor concept and its impact or synergy with the traditional asset management and financial advisory businesses. This essay focuses on the societal value, sustainability of Robo-Advice and the future of the technology requirements.