Operations Solutions



Operations drives the processes of each dealer and financial advisor – directly affecting the interactions and advice investors receive. Univeris, at its core, is an operational system.

Univeris operates Canada’s most advanced operational (back-office) system. We ensure that new client accounts are opened and paperwork signed without errors, and that accurate client statements are delivered promptly either through our secure investor portal or through the mail. Our system manages all major dealer processes on one platform managing many products. The system is scalable for very small to very large dealers and is available either deployed on-premise or as a service.

How Univeris Supports Operations Staff

  • Through XPRESSuite™ (including AccountXPRESS™ and OrderXPRESS™) our enterprise system ensures that transactions are processed electronically and mostly at point-of-sale – dramatically reducing operational overheads.
  • Through StatementXPRESS™ and WebCONNECT™, statements can be customized, created and electronically distributed on one system.
  • Statements generated on Univeris get to investors more quickly and at a substantially lower cost.
  • Fee-for-Service Module – a compensation method where advisors directly charge their client for managing their investments
  • Nominee Platform – enables all assets to be held at the dealer – resulting in a more cohesive, consolidated experience for the investor
  • Portfolio Model Rebalancing – seamlessly integrates into the Univeris platform and is designed to help advisors more effectively manage client portfolios by automatically rebalancing an investor’s portfolio – across multiple mutual fund companies – to a target asset allocation
  • XPRESSNetwork™ – enables mutual fund company forms to be configured directly onto dealer platforms and available to all advisors
  • Trading – Univeris supports the trading—including execution, clearance, and settlement—of various financial instruments.