CIBC World Markets Inc. (“CIBC”) to act as market access provider and custodian

Univeris announced that its Enterprise Wealth Management platform will enable trading of Platform-Traded Funds (PTF) and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) to benefit MFDA dealers and their clients by expanding the range of low-cost investment options available to them.

Univeris will work with CIBC to deliver this service, with CIBC acting as the market access provider and entity responsible for safe keeping such PTFs and ETFs on behalf of its MFDA dealers.

Along with the Univeris Flex Omnibus gateway, this enhancement will provide access to a new set of lower cost products to advisors and investors. With the rising popularity of PTFs and ETFs in the investment community, Univeris will offer a cost-optimized and compliant model to MFDA dealers.

Advisors will be the first to benefit from the Univeris unified platform, where these products will be seamlessly embedded in the rich advisor toolkit, client on-boarding, trading, suitability, portfolio analysis and many other native applications.

“We’re excited to bring more options to MFDA dealers to benefit their clients,” said Richard Binnendyk, EVP of Enterprise Wealth Management at Univeris. “In an evolving marketplace, MFDA advisors now have access to more options to help build out client portfolios and access low-cost products that were previously unavailable to them.”

“In addition, advisors will be able to fully utilize our native fee-for-service module as they continue to transition their practice to a more transparent compensation model,” added Mr. Binnendyk.